Oysters Sesame

Oysters Sesame
Ingredients: 1 pound raw (small) oysters 2 cups flour (1 cup for first dredge and 1 cup for second dredge) 1 cup panko 1 cup sesame seeds Salt to Taste 2-4 cups vegetable or grape seed oil 1 egg 2 cups milk

Instructions: Set-up three stations: 1) 1 cup plain floor in a shallow pan or plate for dredging 2) Milk and Egg combo whisked together in a bowl 3) 1 cup flour, panko, sesame seeds and salt mixed together in a shallow pan or plate for dredging

Preheat oil to 375 degress.

Blot excess moisture off of oysters and lightly dust in plain flour. Combine egg and milk and whisk together in a bowl. Take dusted oysters and dip in milk and egg mixture. Finally remove from egg/milk mixture and dredge in flour, panko and sesame seeds.

Fry in oil until crispy and brown. Serve hot with your favorite remoulade or hot sauce.