OSU Community Education Classes at SWOCC

This is a weekly event, running on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday from November 5, 2012 through November 26, 2012.
OSU Community Education Classes at SWOCC

Area residents can take advantage of some new courses being offered at SOCC this fall through the Oregon State University Extension Service. The classes are coordinated through OSU’s Open Campus program, a statewide community-based education partnership designed to provide local access to learning for Oregon residents.

Five classes are on the agenda for October: Using Google Earth, Oct. 9; Orchard Management, Oct. 20; and a Berry Series – strawberries, Oct. 16; raspberries/blackberries, Oct. 23; and blueberries, Oct. 30. In November classes will be held on Pesticide Laws & Safety, Nov. 7-8; 4-H Volunteer Training, Nov. 6; and Creating Positive Afterschool Programs, Mondays, Nov. 5-26. Another 4-H Volunteer Training will be held on December 3rd.

Registration for these classes is through the OSU Extension Service in Myrtle Point. Participants are asked to register at least one week in advance of the class date. Registration forms and more information on each class is available online at http://extension.oregonstate.edu/coos/sites/default/files/swoccclassregistfall2012.pdf, or by contacting the Extension Service at 541-572-5263.
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