Using Google Earth to Explore Your Property

October 9 Tioga Hall, Room 401. 541-572-5263. Website
Using Google Earth

Using Google Earth to Explore Your Property is the topic of the Oct. 9 workshop being held at SWOCC. This hands-on computer class will teach participants how to use the Google Earth computer program to explore their property. Participants will learn to view past and present photos of their property with this program, and learn how to measure distance/area and create elevation profiles of roads and hills to map out their properties. With the skills gained they will know how to use Google Earth on their home computers to develop or update their property management plans to make informed management decisions for their properties. Participants should be comfortable navigating the Internet and have basic computer skills. The workshop will be held from 6 to 8:50 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 9. Led by OSU Extension Forester Tristan Huff, the class will be held in Tioga Hall, Room 401. Cost is $20 and registration is done through the OSU Extension Service in Myrtle Point. Participants are asked to register at least one week in advance of the class date. Registration forms are available online at, or by contacting the Extension Service at 541-572-5263.
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