Coos' Kings: The Wild Fall Chinook Run in the Coos River Basin

January 25 Coos Bay Public Library, Myrtlewood Room 541-888-5922 Website
You may know a lot about local S.T.E.P. hatchery programs and silver (Coho) salmon runs, but do you know about the wild fall Chinook run in the Coos River Basin? Learn about this king salmon run from Christopher Claire, local Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Habitat Protection Biologist, at the Coos Watershed Association''s second Water Wise event.

The event will be on Friday, January 18th at 7:00 PM in the Myrtlewood Room at the Coos Bay Public Library, 525 Anderson Ave. Details at

Water Wise, a new campaign Coos Watershed Association is launching, will provide the Coos watershed community with an opportunity to share information about watershed conditions and learn together about how to balance our social, economic, and ecological needs and sustainably manage our bountiful natural resources.
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