The Coquille Carousel Association’s General Meeting

July 18
The Coquille Carousel Association’s general meeting for July will be the 18th at 6:30 p.m. We normally meet the last Thursday of the month but with Coos County Fair in full swing we are moving the meeting up a week. We meet in the Coquille City Hall located at 851 N Central, in the Board of Commissioners room. Everyone is welcome to attend to check out how much progress we have made in our first 6 months, to provide input or to become a member of the Coquille Carousel Association.

“Our vision is to build a carousel that will bring the community together in a project that celebrates the proud cultural heritage of the timber industry, the art of woodworking and the family values of the area.”

Anyone wishing to make a tax‐deductible contribution to the Carousel project can do so at any of the meetings or by going to Coquille City Hall or the Coquille Community Center. Checks can be made payable to the City of Coquille for the carousel.

For more information you may call: 541-396-2579
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