Sweet River Concert at North Bend Library

October 4 7:00 PM North Bend Public Library 756-0400 nbpl@cclsd.org Website
The vocal duo Sweet River performs an eclectic mix of folk, swing, and pop music at the North Bend Public Library. Accompanying themselves with guitar and hand-held percussion, their fun selections and rich vocal harmonies delight audiences young and old. Sweet River’s free concert starts at 7:00 pm on Friday, October 4.

Sweet River’s Sharon Rogers is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with decades of performance experience in a variety of styles from classical art song to pop-rock and traditional Americana, to international folk dance and world music. Sharon currently teaches general music to grades K-4 at North Bend's Hillcrest Elementary.

Linda Leanne of Noti is a private singing teacher and vocal coach. She combines coaching and vocal technique that supports the emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects of the whole person. She loves to work with non-singers and singers who have experienced negative feedback or trauma that affects their voice and abilities to be expressive. Linda is a dynamic performer full of positive energy.

This concert is free and is sponsored by the Friends of the North Bend Public Library and the South Coast Folk Society. For more information, call the library at 541-756-0400.
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