The Coquille Valley Seed Library Hosting a FREE Garden Seminar

November 14
The Coquille Valley Seed Library is hosting a FREE garden seminar on Thursday, November 14th, 6:00pm at the Owen Building, 201 N. Adams St., Coquille. “Permaculture, Principles and Practices” will be presented by Chip Boggs, founder of Mountain Homestead, the off-grid forest/farm on Rink Creek Lane where many have learned hands-on Permaculture over the last decade. Permaculture or “permanent culture” is a method for designing sustainable and resilient human settlements. Jennifer Golden will lead the roundtable discussion for our plant(s) of the month - cover cropping, an integral component in Permaculture. If you are interested in gardening, seed saving, biodiversity, and/or organic growing methods the seed library is for YOU! We invite you to help grow and preserve locally adapted vegetable and herb varieties by becoming a Coquille Valley Seed Library member.
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