Southwestern Looks at "The Last Ocean"

November 19
The Ross Sea is one of the least widely known seas. It is also the most pristine stretch of ocean on Earth. Scientists describe it as our last 'living laboratory', a place that can teach us about the workings of all marine ecosystems. In Coordination with Coos Surfrider Foundation and Coos Watershed Association, Southwesten Oregon Community College will present this 87-minute documentary about the race to protect Earth’s last untouched ocean.

Student Life and Events will be hosting a FREE viewing of the film on Tuesday November 19th at 6:00pm in the Hale’s Performing Arts Center. Through revelatory interviews and breathtaking cinematography, the director explores the complexity of the world’s southern-most fishery where, each summer an international fleet breaks through the ice to target the large and lucrative Antarctic Tooth fish. The fish are then re-branded to the more palatable name ‘Chilean Sea-bass’ and are highly prized in the upmarket restaurants of New York and Asia. But Antarctic tooth fish are a top predator in the Ross Sea – lose them and the natural balance of the last pristine marine ecosystem on Earth will be lost forever.

The Last Ocean is supported by NZ on Air, the New Zealand Film Commission,
Antarctic Ocean Alliance, Biotherm, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, International
Fund for Animal Welfare, Park Road Post, Global Ocean, and Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition.

Anyone with questions regarding The Last Ocean should contact Nathan Helland at 541-888-7316 or Information and a full orientation schedule can also be found by visiting and clicking on “New Student Orientation” in the left-hand menu.
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