Charleston Visitor Center Seeks New Volunteers

This is a daily event, running from March 25, 2014 through May 1, 2014. 12:00 AM Charleston Visitor Center 541-888-2736
The Charleston Visitor and Information Center will open on May 1st. For 25 years the center has served as a vital stopping place for travelers from around the world. Volunteers have the opportunity to guide visitors to the beautiful parks, beaches, estuary and marina that are a few of the areas attractions.

If you enjoy meeting people and sharing your enthusiasm about Charleston and the Bay area, volunteering at the Charleston Visitor Center is for you. Just four hours a week will give the community, the economy, the guests and you a boost. Those interested in volunteering at the center can learn more by calling: Ruth Barker, 541-888-2736 or Mel Campbell, 541-888-4875.

Charelston....Oregon's Bay Area Playground.... Needs You.
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