Hungry patrons turn out for fundraiser

Hungry patrons turn out for fundraiser
COOS BAY, Ore. -- Today's lunch in Coos Bay was all about organic!

The South Coast Garden Association held its seventh annual Harvest Fundraiser.

Chef Jardin from Black Market Gourmet prepared vegetable curry and a veggie stir fry.

All of the food was organic and came straight from both the Lady Bug Landing Community Garden and from The Master Gardeners.

Chef Jardin is a huge supporter of local, organic food.

"A lot of the food that we're getting right now, it's not the highest quality, but if you know exactly where it came from, hence, right behind me...You know exactly where it's roots are and the integrity of your vegetables, he said."

Andrew Rowe comes to this event each year.

"Local food is a good thing. the more we can produce ourselves and not have to rely on outside sources, the better off we are," he said.

Around 250 lunches were sold today and all proceeds support the five community gardens in Coos County.