Barview house declared unsanitary and dangerous

Barview house declared unsanitary and dangerous
BARVIEW, COOS BAY, Ore.-- The Department of Environmental Quality of Oregon has declared a Barview house to be unsanitary and dangerous after officials say it has been used a private dump since 2008.

According to a DEQ statement, the house, located at 90803 Windy St., has been monitored by DEQ officials since 2008 because of dumping complaints.

DEQ is fining Ron Lee Dittman, the man they are accusing of dumping on the property, with fines upwards of $7,609. A large portion of the fine is considered to be the economic benefit Dittman gained by failing to properly dispose of the material.

The property contains not just trash, but also car parts, furniture and broken glass.

Neighbors told KCBY off camera that the woman who owns the home is elderly and lives in Kansas, and they are trying to help clean up the area so the family can avoid the fines and penalties.

Neighbors also told KCBY that when Dittman was made aware of the fines, the began to destory the house even further by breaking windows and throwing other items.

Dittman has been given a deadline of December 20th to remove all solid waste from his property. If he does so by that deadline, DEQ said it may reduce the fines.

Dittman also had until October 12th to appeal DEQ's fines and evaluation of his property.