Blind cow becomes herd leader in Myrtle Point

Blind cow becomes herd leader in Myrtle Point
Myrtle Point, Ore.--- On a farm there are a lot of obstacles such as rocks, rivers and trees, but imagine manuvering around them blind.

For one blind cow in Myrtle Point, it's just a part of every day life.

"I've learned a little patience from her," said Bill Johnson, farmer and owner of the cow. "She is just to me an amazing animal and a tremendously good mother."

Valentine was born 10 years ago completely blind.

The Johnson's say the disability hasn't slowed Valentine down at all. In fact, for most of her life she has been the dominate female of the group.

You may be thinking what's so difficult about being a blind cow?
But image having to navigate 64 acres of hilly, muddy terrain, sometimes up to your knees, without being able to see a thing.

"It would be a good obstacle course for football players and the military, and she has to navigate that blind," Bill said.

The Jonson's haven't had to make any special arrangements for Valentine. In fact most of the calves on the farm tend to prefer her as a mother.

"Since she was blind I don't know why they picked her," Shirley Johnson, Valentine's co-owner said. "Maybe just because she was a good mother, and they sense it."