Boardwalk business owner supports food carts

Boardwalk business owner supports food carts
COOS Bay, Ore.-- The owner of the only business on the Coos Bay Boardwalk says he supports the city's decision to allow food carts in public places by next spring.

Robert Taylor, owner of the Fisherman's Seafood Market, says the food carts will cause people to stop and buy things from downtown Coos Bay.

Despite arguments from some critics of the plan, Taylor says his bottom line won't be impacted by someone selling something on the boardwalk near his business because he says his food tastes better than anything you could buy on a food cart.

"Anything that's going to bring more money to our town that's not going to affect the environment is going to please me," Taylor said. "It's going to be good for everyone in the town."

Though downtown Coos Bay businesses are split over the decision, KCBY wanted to speak to Taylor because his business is the only one directly impacted by the decision.