CB schools take stand against bullying

CB schools take stand against bullying
COOS BAY, Ore. -- Every day 160,000 kids don't go to school because they are bullied, according to the anti-bullying program "Rachel's Challenge".

This week, schools in coos bay are joining the fight against bullying.

Sixth and seventh graders at Sunset Middle School sat through an intense assembly on Tuesday. The school hosted "Rachel's Challenge" , which is a series of programs that teach students and adults how to stop bullying.

The programs are based on the writings and life of Rachel Scott, the first student killed at Columbine High School. Rachel left a legacy of supporting those who were picked on and bullied at school.

Principal Dale Inskeep hopes her story will encourage his students to do the same.

"Much like "Rachel's Challenge" talks about the chain reaction of kindness, I believe the same thing with our school. The more we can have our kids empowered to make good choices in how they treat one another, the more infectious that can be in a positive way," Inskeep said.

Seventh grader Dominic Standley has been bullied at school. He said, "I've seen people getting bullied and I try to stop it but then they pick on me."

Standley hopes this assembly makes life easier for him and for others who are bullied.

Sunset isn't the only local school involved. Students at Millicoma, Marshfield and Harding Learning Center also took part in "Rachel's Challenge".