City Planning Commission says 'no' to wind turbines

City Planning Commission says 'no' to wind turbines
COOS BAY, Ore. -- The Coos Bay Planning Commission is recommending to City Council that wind turbines be prohibited in the city at this time.

The commissioners spoke to an empty room Tuesday evening.

They held a work session to discuss building turbines within city limits. The meeting was open to the public, but no one showed up to voice their opinion.

The commission made their decision after a long discussion about cost, noise, and view obstruction.

Director of Public Works, Jim Hossley spoke on behalf of the commissioners. He said, "Because of this dense urbanized area we have, relatively dense, relatively small, the viewscapes that we have of the hillside and the bay, they think that these wind energy conversion systems would be intrusive to neighbors."

City Council will hear the commissioners' recommendation on Nov. 6. They also want public input, and are hoping for a bigger turn out.

Proponents of wind turbine policy changes say they sent their comments to the commission through E-mails so they could attend an LNG pipeline meeting in North Bend that was happening at the same time.