Coos Bay City Hall completes seismic upgrades

Coos Bay City Hall completes seismic upgrades

COOS BAY, Ore.-- After nearly two years of operating out of trailers and in the noise of construction crews, the City of Coos Bay returned its operations to city hall.

The building, which was originally designed to be a two-level parking structure, was deemed seismically unstable back in 2009. A study revealed that the building could not survive an earthquake of even small size, and that is when the city made the decision to overhaul the building.

"This building was not really built to be a city hall," Dixon said. "They just placed a building on the second level of a parking deck."

Many of the changes done to the building are to exterior and are underneath the building. New braces and meal supports can be seen all over the outside of the building. Accoridng to Dixon, the new hardware will prevent parts of the building from hitting each other and rubbing up against each other during an earthquake.

Now that the project is completed, all that is left are some minor finishing touches construction wise in addition to hanging art and photos on the wall.



"We're about 99.9 percent," Dixon said. "We have small punchlist items the CMGC has to take care of, and they'll address that at the end of this week and maybe a little into next week."

City council will return to the chamber for the first time during their regularly scheduled meeting on October 2nd. They had been meeting in the Coos Bay Library and other various sites.