Cougar attacks family pets in North Bend

Cougar attacks family pets in North Bend
NORTH BEND, Ore. -- One night while Paul and Donna Carlson were sleeping, a cougar came onto their property and attacked their animals, only about 100 feet away, and they didn't hear a thing.
"He was a pet and I'm gonna miss him dearly," Donna said.

The carlson family says the cougar hurt their miniature donkey, Ivy, and killed their emu, Fred. They'd had Fred for twenty years.

The Carlson's say it looks like Fred was attacked by the barn and dragged along the fence.

The Coos County trapper caught the cougar when it came back for the rest of the carcass that night.

"Once these cougars take livestock, they can't do anything else but put them down, track them and put them down, because they will continue to come back after the livestock because it's an easy meal," Donna said.

Jim Seeger lives next door and has two dogs and a horse on his property. He's relieved the cougar is no longer around.

He said, "I was going out in the middle of the night with my gun because if it's that close, you never know...It does make me feel much better."

Paul Carlson says he'd like to see the return of cougar trapping to thin out the population.

"Not hunting them is not the answer. It's creating the problem and that's kind of what we need to fix here," he said.

They’ve already taken the cougar carcass to the taxidermist so they can mount it on their wall.

"We felt, after all, we oughta have something from the cat that killed our emu," Donna said.

The Carlsons want to make it clear that they don't wish harm on any animals, even the cougar, but they believe something must be done.