County Gov't Changes: Main opposes all reforms

County Gov't Changes: Main opposes all reforms
NORTH BEND, Ore.-- Coos County Commissioner Bob Main says he is opposed to all proposed reforms being discussed by Coos County Commissioners Cam Parry and Fred Messerle.

KCBY sat down with Commissioner Main on Thursday morning at the KCBY studios in North Bend.

The proposed changes include increasing the number of commissioners from three to five and then having those five at-large commissioners report to a county administrator.

Main says the current form of government isn't broken, and it should be left the way it is.

"The county is not broken. The sheriff's office is not broken. The jail is not broken," Main said. "Do we need more money for deputies in the jail and on the road? Absolutely."

Main says he fear the new county administrator position could be costly, and it could impact future budget decision.

"When we come to the crunch time in a couple of years. Do we lay off deputies in favor of keeping the administrator? I wouldn't want to do that," Main said.

Main says if the voters want changes to the current form of county government, then they should get enough signatures to start a petition to get the measure on the ballot.