County Gov't Changes: Yard signs list wrong ordinance

County Gov't Changes: Yard signs list wrong ordinance
NORTH BEND, Ore.-- Confused by some yard signs? You may not be the only one.

According to State and County Elections Officials, two yard signs advocating for changes in the way county government operates list the wrong ballot ordiance.

Two signs, one advocating for the approval of a county administrator and another asking voters to vote "No" on the Home Rule Charter, list the number for ballot ordiances that will not appear on the ballot this fall.

The signs ask voters to approve ordinaces 1-143 and 1-144, but all Coos County ballot ordiances begin with the number six not the number one.

Officials, who did not want to comment on camera for fear it would be viewed as a public office taking a side in a county issue, told KCBY that if a voter is not up to speed with the right ordiance numbers, he or she may not fill out his or her ballot properly because of the error.

The correct ballot ordinance number for the Home Rule Charter and the County Administrator position are 6-143 and 6-144.

The group sponsoring the Home Rule Charter has properly listed the ballot ordiance on their signs.

Because yard signs do not have to list who paid for them, it is nearly impossible to track down who is responsible for these signs for a comment on the typo, but the situation is being remedied. New signs being placed throughout Coos County now list a "6" instead of a "1".