Dancing chef lands dream job

Dancing chef lands dream job
NORTH BEND, Ore.-- A few months ago, Micheal Simon could be found on a North Bend street corner holding a sign and looking for work.

But unlike a typical panhandler, Simon wasn't looking for a handout, he was looking for the career of his dreams.

Simon, who is a trained chef, danced last spring on the corner of Newmark and Broadway in North Bend hoping to change his unemployment situation.

Simon says he now has the job he has been dreaming of.

("My family is very excited," Simon said. "I come home every night smiling, I'm happy. I'm happy at work. I smile all day at work they probably think what's wrong with this guy. But there is nothing wrong with me. My boss is great, all the workers and servers."

Simon found work at the High Tide Cade in Charleston.