Group submits Home Rule Charter signatures for verification

Group submits Home Rule Charter signatures for verification
UPDATED: COQUILLE, Ore.-- A citizens group wanting to put the Home Rule Charter on the ballot this fall has submitted signatures for verification, a Coos County elections clerk said.

Voters will know within the next 15 days if the group has submitted enough signatures to get their county changes on the ballot this fall.

If the needed number of signatures can be verified, the Home Rule Charter will be on the Coos County fall ballot.

Proponents of the Home Rule Charter had until the close of business day Wednesday to gather enough signatures to get the charter on the fall ballot, but a clerk tells KCBY the group submitted the signatures Tuesday.

Americans for Responsive, Responsible, Representative Government (ARRRG) is pushing for the Home Rule Charter to be on the ballot this fall along side other proposed changes that are likely to make the ballot that are being proposed by two Coos County Commissioners.

Three ARRRG representatives told KCBY last Wednesday that they knowingly missed a personal deadline set by the group for August 1st, but they did not specify if the missed deadline was because of a lack of signatures.

Technically the group has two years to collect signatures and get it placed on some kind of a ballot up for public vote, but if the group wanted to have it placed on the ballot this fall, it needed to submit signatures by the close of business day on Wednesday.

The group has insisted that if the Home Rule Charter is going to be placed for a public vote, it is "now or never" when it comes to this fall's elections.

ARRRG members tell KCBY that the Home Rule Charter should be seen as an alternative to other reforms to county government that are likely to be on the ballot this fall.

Coos County Commissioners Cam Parry and Fred Messerle are expected to place a board increase with the creation of a county administrator on the ballot this fall.

ARRRG's Home Rule Charter would make having a county administrator illegal, all county appointments would be up for a public vote, and in additiion to other changes, all large monetary transactions would need voter approval.

ARRRG members have asked Coos County Commissioners to place the Home Rule Charter on the ballot, but they then withdrew the offer last week saying they were confident they would have enough signatures.