Downtown Coos Bay getting new name in time for Christmas

Downtown Coos Bay getting new name in time for Christmas
COOS BAY, Ore.-- Downtown Coos Bay is getting a new name, and the changes will take effect around Christmas.

The Coos Bay Downtown Association has recieved the approval of downtown business owners and the Coos Bay city council to begin branding the immediate downtown area as The Marshfield District.

Supporters of the change say the name Downtown Coos Bay is too broad, and they want to make downtown into a destination.

"Downtown Coos Bay can mean anything from Coos Bay Toyota on Highway 101 to Fred Meyer and the Coos Bay Safeway," Beth Clarkson, downtown business owner and downtown association board member said.

Clarkson said the new district which was formerly named Old Marshfield needed to be revamped to keep the progress of downtown's growth going.

"We took that old Marshfield District, and we kind of updated it a little bit," Clarkson said. "It's called Coos Bay's Marshfield District. Not the old cause we're young and happening now."

Clarkson said the new district will allow business owners to come together when it comes to advertising and branding of their businesses.

"We will have brochures at visitor centers," she said. "All of these downtown stores will be working together to make this a destination for shopping and dining."

The Marshfield district will be in the immeadiate downtown area and will strech from the Coos Bay Boardwalk right up to the Coos Bay City Hall as its western boundary.

Clarkson said the only thing left to do is to print banners and stickers to hang around the district. She and the downtown association expect the new banners and signs to hang on light posts and storefronts as early as Christmas.