Fire Contained Near Scottsburg

Fire Contained Near Scottsburg
SCOTTSBURG, Ore. -- The fire that started early Tuesday morning in Scottsburg is now contained, according to the Coos Forest Protective Association.

However, sixty firefighters and one helicopter are still out there, and it will be several days until it's completely mopped up.

The public information officer for this fire urges people to follow recreation rules because we are in high fire danger.

John Flannigan says, "Just use good caution out there. A lot of people have a false sense of security because it's been a cool summer and it started late. But we really haven't had any rain for a while so it's getting pretty dry out there."

The investigator found some items of interest at the scene, but he has not released the cause of the fire yet.

People should continue to avoid Luchsinger Rd. because of falling rocks and trees.