Local cafe recieves congressional volunteer

NORTH BEND, Ore.-- Oregon Congressman Peter Defazio stop dishing out remarks on the U.S. House floor and served lemonade and coffee at a North Bend cafe Tuesday afternoon.

Defazio says he wanted to show his support for Crossroad Cafe because it offers nutrious, homemade meals for just $1.50. Recently, Oregon recipients could also begin using their Oregon Trial food stamps at the cafe.

"What a great deal for fols on tight budgets," Defazio said. "To come in there and get a nutritous meal for a buck and a half."

In addition to topping of beverages for customers, many of those at the cafe spent time talking with the Congressman about issues impacting them and recent House debates on infastructure.

But Defazio was quick to point out that he was at the cafe as a volunteer and supporter of the program.

"They're providing a great place, and they're solving problems that government can't solve in terms of hunger and seniors who are isolated and lonely and those types of things, I think it's just a wonderful group," Defazio said.