Main & Messerle: County Administrator a "top issue" in our race

Main & Messerle: County Administrator a "top issue" in our race

COQUILLE, Ore.-- The race for Coos County Commissioner Position Number One is likely to see one issue take center stage that will not be seen in other races.

With Fred Messerle and Bob Main taking different positions on whether to place a county administrator and a board member increase on the ballot last week, both men say the issue is likely to be a top topic and a deciding factor in this fall's election.

How voters feel about the future of county government could also impact which current Coos County Commissioner returns to work in Coquille next year.

Main and Messerle, both currrently serving on the Board of Commissioners, have two different visions of Coos County Government.

"I think with regards to how we're going to organize Coos County, it is going to be a top issue," Messerle said.

"It'll be one of the hot topics in the commissioners race this fall," Main said.

Whether or not Coos County government should be changed after a century and a half will be up to the voters, but while other commissioner races are focusing on budgetary issues and other policies, when it comes to the race between Main and Messerle, whether or not the county should establish a county administrator to oversee the county's 23 departments is a clear line in the sand between the two men vying for the position one seat.


With Main opposing the proposed changes, and Messerle supporting them, voters are guaranteed to see Main and Messerle wage a campaign that highlights why they are right in how they voted last week on a ballot ordinance to change county government.