Man acquitted of rape charges

COQUILLE, Ore.-- A man accused of raping a girl last October at Southwestern Oregon Community Collge has been acquitted of all but one charge against him.

A jury delivered the not guilty verdict Monday afternoon at the Coos County Courthouse in Coquille.

According to the Coos County Court Clerk's office, Cody Dornbirer was facing six charges ranging from rape, kidnapping, sexual abuse and unlawful penetration.

The jury found him not guilty of all charges except unlawful penetration. On that charge the judge ruled that there was a mistrial on the single charge.

Though Dornbirer was acquitted, he is not a free man. According to the Coos County Court Clerk's office, Dornbirer will remain in custody until the Coos County District Attorney decides what to do with the lesser charge of unlawful penetration that the jury was hung up on.

As for the jury, the trial was also declared a mistrial after it was discovered that a juror had been caught speaking about the trial over the weekend after the jury was instructed not to discuss the case, look up anything about the case, or even watch the local news.

According to Judge Richard Barron, an officer of the court that was not identified had been told by a male juror that the jury was voting 9-3, and that the three were not budging.

Dornbirer was offer the chance to move for a mistrial and find the juror within violation of his oath, but after being advised by his attornies that they believed the jury was going to find him not guilty or guilty of lesser charges, Dornbirer opted to allow the jury to continue deliberations.

KCBY will continue to follow the Dornbirer case and the district attorney's decision on the lesser charge.