Maps show potential flooding in Coquille

Maps show potential flooding in Coquille
COQUILLE, Ore. -- Tsunami flooding maps have been released for Coquille and Bandon. They show the location and amount of damage if an earthquake and tsunami hit the coast.

Coquille, twenty miles inland, may seem like an unlikely target, but the new map shows if there's an earthquake, water could push through the Coquille River and spill over.

On the inundation maps, purple indicates a small impact while yellow indicates a large impact.

Coquille City Manager, Ben Marchant, says residents should not be worried.

"It is a much larger area that they've indicated that would be included in the 100 year flood zone, but fortunately there's a lot of low lying areas and it does not seem to adversely impact very many of the private properties," said Marchant.

The information comes from new technology used by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.