North Jetty continues to erode

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CHARLESTON, Ore. -- The North Jetty in Charleston is facing some problems that can affect navigation and recreation on the South Coast.

A section of the jetty was destroyed in 2003. It was repaired then, and once more in 2008, but the tip is starting to erode again.

The lagoon behind the jetty is also getting bigger, making the beach more narrow.

That could eventually lead to another breach of the jetty.

Kate Groth, the coastal project manager for the Army Corps of Engineers, says this would cause a number of problems.

"Any commercial or recreational boats that were trying to cross the bar would have a more difficult time if the jetties were to breach or continue to recede. It would impact the exporting of wood products," she said.

While erosion of the jetty can cause serious problems for commercial ships trying to navigate their way through, it can also affect recreational activities here on the coast.

For surfers, a breach changes the way waves come in and break on shore. This can ruin a surf spot, or surprisingly, create a great one.

Local surfer and owner of Waxers Surf Shop, Brian Menten, said "I don't think guys are hoping for the breach again. It was a novel spot, but it compromised some really good surf right around there and so everybody would love to see the jetty back to where it was fifteen years ago."

The Army Corps of Engineers is keeping a close eye on the jetty and the lagoon. They will request funds from congress if the situation becomes critical.