State Senate candidates forum

State Senate candidates forum
NORTH BEND, Ore -- The two candidates for State Senate for District 5 talked directly to voters at this Wednesday's Business Connection.

Arnie Roblan and Scott Roberts answered a series of questions, followed by closing statements.

The most important items were education, health care, and bringing new jobs and opportunities to the coast.

Democrat Arnie Roblan talked about creating jobs with the resources we have always used, and by finding new ways.

Republican Scott Roberts talked about helping small businesses get started and bringing new companies in.

"I think I've knocked on more doors than any candidate here in the state of Oregon. I'm working hard, meeting lots of people, and I hope it's effective because I feel that I provide a better opportunity, a better choice, for our district," said Roberts.

They both agree that one-on-one interaction with voters is essential.

"When people come to forums and they are taped, and you get to hear them played back, it gives people the opportunity to hear their answers to questions that they weren't prepared for and to find out what the people really think and care about and how are they able to articulate that, because that's what you have to do when you go away from here," said Roblan.

Elections for State Senate are on November 6th.