Thefts increase in Charleston

Thefts increase in Charleston
CHARLESTON, Ore. -- There have been a string of thefts and burglaries of businesses and boats in Charleston over the last couple of months. Most recently, The Charleston Crab Shack was broken into Wednesday night.

JD and Dena arrived at work to find their back door kicked in, their cash box destroyed, and their register empty, and it's not the first time it's happened.

"As a business owner, we feel pretty violated. Dena doesn't feel safe being down here by herself if I'm not here," said JD Evanow.

Because of budget cuts, there's not enough officers to go around, and even when the thieves are put in jail, the Sheriff's Office doesn't have enough money to keep them there.

Sgt. Pat Downing of the Coos County Sheriff's Office says that it is a problem.

"We aren't keeping them like we used to. Before major cuts and we had the cell blocks open, we were able to keep a lot more people who were brought in on crimes like that," he said.

JD says he knows who robbed him. "If we're forced to rally up our own form of Charleston justice for these guys, then that's what we'll do cuz it's gotta stop," he said.

Charleston is known as a sleepy fishing village, but JD says if these crimes keep happening, it won't be safe for tourists, or the people who live and work there.