Two local fisherman bring back local clams to local residents

Two local fisherman bring back local clams to local residents
EMPIRE, COOS BAY, Ore.-- The rain may have hurt attendance at this year's Empire Clamboree, but that didn't stop two local fishermen from making a big change in the celebration.

Clams are nothing new to the annual Empire clamboree in Coos Bay... but this year there was one big difference.

"You know we jumped through every hoop and loop and hurdle that we could possibly jump through and we're super excited to finally be able to bring it to the area," said Todd Osten, West Coast Clams

The two men from West Coast Clams went through 18 months of training just to bring some bay area clams to bay area residents.

You can find on the department of fish and wildlife's website that in addition to getting a shellfish license there are also a handful of regulations that must be followed during harvesting. Because of those restrictions, the men say Bay Area residents have had to eat frozen clams from other parts of the country, and at times from as far away as new zealand for the past 20 years.

Local residents are taking pride in having local clams on the menu again.

"Eeryone so excited to get [them]," Robert Taylor, West Coast Clams, said. "Even older people have been coming out here saying i've been digging these clams all my life, and we can't do it anymore, and we're so excited to be able to buy them now and get them somewhere."

Taylor says Coos Bay clams will now be a regluar part of the menu at his restuarant Fisherman's Seafood Market on the Coos Bay Boardwalk.