"The four day school week may have a negative impact on families"

"The four day school week may have a negative impact on families"
COOS BAY, ORE. - A plan to implement a four-day school week in Coos Bay is presented to district board members and although students will have one less day at school, the idea is to increase instruction and achievement.

So that instructional minutes would not be reduced, students would be in school 45 minutes longer each day and then have either Friday or Monday off every week.

Those days off would be allotted as professional development days for teachers.

Madison Elementary School Principal Arlene Roblan says, ideally on professional development days, teachers will gather for the purpose of aligning curriculum and national standards.

"One of the things we haven't had for a long time in this district and we've sorely needed is some alignment in K-12 so that you can see where we've been and where we're going and without time set aside for people to meet in that way, it's almost impossible to make that happen," says Roblan.

Students who need extra help will be invited to come to school on the Friday or Monday off for a tutoring intervention of four hours.

Roblan says, the four day school week may have a negative impact on families who will need to seek day care on those days off.

The school will help by providing a list of day care options.

"A listing of certified daycare providers in that school's neighborhood or area [will be provided]. A listing of Friday activities that are available and hopefully we'll get more kids involved. And work with the Boys and Girls Club to design a Friday plan. I talked briefly with the Boys and Girls Club, they said they're really interested in doing this," says Roblan.

Although it's not known which day will be allotted as the day off from school, Roblan sees positives in taking Friday off so students who participate in extracurricular activities won't miss instruction on game days and meet days.