Unique cable car set up at New Carissa site

Unique cable car set up at New Carissa site
COOS BAY - It's the most sophisticated piece of engineering equipment involved in the New Carissa shipwreck removal, as work crews put up a one-of-a-kind cable car that will be used to haul workers and supplies.

It took six and half months to design and produce, but now, the roughly 20-foot long, eight-foot wide cable car, is installed at the shipwreck site.

Held by two heavy wires, it will travel about 945 feet from the beach to one of the barges in less than five minutes.

David Parrot of Titan Maritime says, it was the most logical and safest mode of transportation, due to the high winds and stormy seas.

He adds, they've created two similar cars before for other shipwrecks, but not as massive or complex as this one, which carries five times more than anything they've ever built.

The car can hold six and half tons, carry about 20 workers and at its highest level reaches 85 feet above water.

Several local contractors helped build it, costing an estimated $300,000 to complete.

They will continue testing the car this week, in hopes to start actual work on the the wreck later this month.