'Red Devils' wash up on Oregon Coast

'Red Devils' wash up on Oregon Coast »Play Video
They bite, and fight, and allegedly taste alright (when caught live and prepared properly): Humboldt squid are washing up along the Oregon Coast.

FLORENCE, Ore. -- They go by many names: Jumbo squid, Red Rockets, Red Devils, Diablos Rojos, Humboldt squid.

They are known to be aggressive -- and delicious.

And for some reason more and more of the squid are turning up further and further north along the Pacific Coast.

YouNews reporter annieo posted photographs of Humboldt squid washed up on the beach near Florence, Ore.

"We didn't see them often off our coast, but now they're off Oregon, Washington and even British Columbia," said Brandon Ford with the state wildlife department in Newport, Ore.

Ford said it is fairly common for the squid to wash up on shore now in late summer or early fall. He said they don't pose a risk for anyone on the beach.

Not that the squid can't do some damage when alive.

"Their beak is about the size of a macau," Ford said, "so you can imagine that could take a chunk out of you."

There is no fishing season for the squid, so Ford said to anglers are free to fish for them. He said the squid can be aggressive when being fished, so use caution.

The squid have short life spans and usually die after they breed, Ford said -- and they are usually congregated in large numbers when the die offs happen.

The squid can swim at 15 mph and shoot out of the water "like a rocket," Ford said. "They call them red rockets."

And while the examples washing up near Florence are only a few feet long, Ford said the squid can reach 7 feet in length and 100 pounds.

Listen to Brandon Ford talk about the Red Rocket squid: