Report: Masoli lied but did not steal

Report: Masoli lied but did not steal
Jeremiah Masoli pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of burglary. He had faced a felony count (Pool photograph).

EUGENE, Ore. - Jeremiah Masoli pleaded guilty to a crime he didn't commit, reports. contributing writer Michael McKnight interviewed Masoli, his family and Glenn Bunting, who is the managing director of a crisis management firm who is handling Masoli case for "The Lie: The Untold Story of Jeremiah Masoli's Downfall at Oregon" on the homepage.

“Masoli admits that he lied about whether he was at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house on Jan. 24, 2010. He lied to Kelly, to police, to his parents. He lied, he says, for reasons he hopes others will understand," McKnight writes. "He also admits to poor judgment. He is where he is today, 'because I let all this happen. I put myself in some bad situations. That was the whole mistake.' But he insists that he did not steal. His misdeeds took place in that wide area between black and white, between absolute guilt and innocence. He is asking you to see the gray.” >>> Photo Gallery

McKnight draws on the account of long snapper Jeff Palmer, who said the missing laptops were in the possession of Garrett Embry. McKnight questions whether police were as thorough in their search of Embry during the investigation as they were of Masoli.

In the article, McKnight notes he attempted to interview Eugene police and District Attorney Alex Gardner about the investigation and the plea deal Masoli accepted to avoid a possible felony and prison time. Both declined to respond, as did Masoli's attorney and his former coach, Chip Kelly.

The article also chronicles Masoli's family's attempt to get the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper to correct a statement they say relied on an old California newspaper report that was later corrected by that paper. The Guard did not issue a correction, instead asking for a copy of Masoli's juvenile criminal records and an interview, McKnight writes.

And McKnight spoke with the fraternity house resident who called 911 to report the theft. | >>> HEAR the 911 call