Is there snow at Willamette Pass? 'It's up at the top of our best years'

Is there snow at Willamette Pass? 'It's up at the top of our best years'

WILLAMETTE PASS, Ore. - Snow, and lots of it.
After years of disappointing ski seasons, Willamette Pass Ski Resort needs a good year, and so far both the snow - and the skiers - are showing up. >>>RAW VIDEO

"The weather pattern they're forecasting this year, we're gonna have more snow this year potentially than we have ever," said Mountain Manager Israel Fuller.

The resort has been open since the day after Thanksgiving, a big turnaround from last year.

"It's great, it's meeting our expectations," Fuller said. "Last year was a little slow on snow, but this year we've been getting plenty."

The "Great Recession" didn't help last winter, he said, but Mother Nature is helping turn things around.

"I think we're coming back and getting more people up here," he said.

And that means more money coming in.

"If we have good years then, we can make more improvements on the hill," he said.

Not that visitors are complaining. | RAW VIDEO: Take a POV ride down the ski lift

"It's so far, it's the deepest year we've had in a long time," said snowboarder Chase Antonovich. "La Nina is doing us good."

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Willamette Pass employee Steve Musser agrees. "Really it is the best quality I've seen and amount in probably the 11 years I've been working here," Musser said. "It's up at the top of our best years."

Brandt Stuart and his son Noah have been skiing at Willamette Pass for years.

"Flying down the mountain, going through the trees, hitting up some powder, it's pretty much the best part," he said.

They couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift this year.

"It's great, early snowpack, lots of snow, everybody should come up," Stuart said.

RAW VIDEO: Coming down the mountain