Hundreds of people at risk in card-skimming scam

Hundreds of people at risk in card-skimming scam

EUGENE, Ore. - A local credit union recalled hundreds of debit cards and stayed open extra hours over the weekend to help customers cope with the fallout of a massive skimming scam.

"We do know that approximately 1,300 (customers) may have been compromised or impacted by this theft ring," said Cherie Kistner with Oregon Community Credit Union.

OCCU stayed open late Saturday and held Sunday hours to assist customers after the credit union canceled hundreds of ATM cards.

"We're here to protect our members and we felt that it was in the best interest of our members to close those cards so that the credit unions losses were minimized," Kistner said.

Dozens of people in Lane County have reported unauthorized withdrawals from their bank accounts being made at ATMs in California.

The fraud might be linked to unauthorized devices installed at Michaels craft stores between February and May that recorded customers debit card information.

If so, the crime spree might have stretched from Beaverton to Southern Oregon. No arrests have been made. Federal law enforcement is now involved.

Kistner said customers will eventually get their money back, but the scam is costing OCCU in another way.

"When we have a compromise like this where we're reissuing thousands of cards,that's an unanticipated expense," she said.