Long battle over Bandon building may soon be over

Long battle over Bandon building may soon be over
BANDON, ORE - It seems it's all down to the dotting of the I's and the crossing of the T's, as a deal reached in mediation would allow the Port of Bandon to take over a prime piece of waterfront property, currently leased by Oregon Pacific Seafood.

In late April the Port of Bandon agreed to pay $340,000 in three installments for the building, which would end Oregon Pacific Seafood's lease on the property.

KCBY spoke with Bandon's Port Manager Gina Dearth by phone on Monday, May 3rd, who told us that both sides met with a mediator in Portland on April 9th.

She says the Port of Bandon decided to accept the mediator's offer and had their Attorney's draft a agreement, which was sent to Pacific Seafood and is waiting on a signature.

As KCBY first reported back in December, the building, which has largely been unused over the past few years, currently houses Pacific Seafood's retail market.