Bandon lavender: 'Great smell and good company'

Bandon lavender: 'Great smell and good company' »Play Video

BANDON, Ore. -- It's a unique business that creates products out of naturally grown lavender.

The Merritt Lavender Farm has already started its harvest. "Today is our first day of harvest for the lavender," said Anna Bell. "This year we started a little earlier than last year. It's perfect weather, the flowers are in bloom and ready to be harvested."

When the lavender flower blooms the plant needs to be picked.

Even though it's a bit ahead of schedule, harvesters say they enjoy the work. "It's a perfect job, you get to be outside in the sun," Bell said. "Great smell and good company."

The harvest will continue into the summer.

The 1,000 lavender plants will be harvested into over 2,900 bouquets that will then be transformed and shipped out.