City to revisit regulations on food carts downtown

City to revisit regulations on food carts downtown

COOS BAY, Ore. -- A hot button issue from last spring is on the agenda for Tuesday night's Coos Bay city council meeting.

The city council will consider amending the municipal code to allow food carts to operate on city property.

Some local restaurants have spoken out against having any food carts in town, saying it will impact already established local businesses.

Other businesses say food carts will attract more money and tourism to the area.

City leaders told KCBY News last summer that they want to start off with just a few carts this year before allowing more.

In July of 2012, Robert Taylor, owner of the Fisherman's Seafood Market, said the food carts will cause people to stop and buy things from downtown Coos Bay.

Despite arguments from some critics of the plan, Taylor says his bottom line won't be impacted by someone selling something on the boardwalk near his business because he says his food tastes better than anything you could buy on a food cart. "Anything that's going to bring more money to our town that's not going to affect the environment is going to please me," Taylor said. "It's going to be good for everyone in the town."