Ice dock operational again after breakdown

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CHARLESTON, Ore. -- The Charleston ice dock is back up and running after the motor unexpectedly went out a week ago.

The dock provides ice to many local and commercial fishermen.

The port's harbor master, Mike Dunning, says the motors aren't easy to find, and there were only three in the United States.

Dunning also says this motor wasn't supposed to break down this soon. "We did the refurberation of the plant two years ago, it was sent out and inspected and hot dipped, we didn't expect it would go this soon," he said. "We thought the lifespan would be much longer than this."

The dock was back up and running around mid-day on Saturday, and Dunning says they were completely booked on Monday.

He says they also plan to get the broken motor repaired to have a backup in case of another sudden break down.