Medical clinic to lay off 16 workers

Medical clinic to lay off 16 workers

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- The North Bend Medical Center is laying off 16 workers, in what officials say is a necessary cost-cutting move.

Citing a 4.6% drop in revenue last year, namely due to what they say is reduced reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid, along with people going to the doctor less because of the sluggish economy.

Officials with the center said they studied several issues before deciding on the cuts, which included cuts to non-staff related expenses, as well as other ways to increase revenue.

The center says that the retirement and departures of providers has outpaced recruitment, leading to too big of a provider-patient ratio.

In a memo sent out Friday, the CEO of the clinic, Bill Murray, called the cuts to staff painful, and said that often they are hard to understand.