Price of crab expected to rise this week

Price of crab expected to rise this week
The season opening crab price agreement between most commercial crab fishermen and processors will expire on January 5th, and many expect the laws of supply and demand will kick-in.

The season opening price of $2.30/pound was an all-time high, but as quality and quantity started this season a big down-turn over last season fishermen have been waiting for a chance to get a financial boost.

Nick Furman, Executive Director of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission, recently sat down with KCBY to discuss the season.

He says anything could happen when the negotiated price expires on Thursday. "Supply and demand, you know, in certain cases justified higher prices. We'll see whether, when all of Northern California opens on the 15th(of January), whether those same prices prevail and the market is as strong as some people think it is."

The season has not started off as strong as the last two years, which were bigger than average, but there may still be some hope it could rebound.

The season was delayed by a couple of weeks for most of the coast, and southern Oregon and California still won't open until January 15th.

KCBY asked Furman if it was too early to write-off the season.

"It is. But, that is easy for me to say sitting here at a nice, warm, desk in town and not on the ocean. The fishermen we've talked to have said that they can see a big difference in the production between last year and the start of this year's crab season."

" Where we'll really start to realize what kind of year it's going to be is as the boats go out and go through their gear repetitively, how quick that's going to drop-off. Last year, it didn't really drop-off quickly and productions stayed fairly strong for 8 weeks or so. This year there is the potential there to see that production drop-off fairly quickly."