Reedsport's first brewery could open by year's end

Reedsport's first brewery could open by year's end »Play Video

REEDSPORT, Ore. -- Defeat Brewery is hoping to be open for business in Reedsport by the end of the year.

But don't be fooled by the name, the owners say it's less about defeat and more like history.

Levi Allen, a Defeat Brewery co-founder, says the name goes back to the Smith River, before it was Smith River. "There's a local river in Reedsport that was once called the Defeat River. That's now called the Smith River," Allen said. "So, we want to keep the name local, we're trying to introduce a little bit of history in the name."

A trip to Europe was all it would take for Allen to get into the art of brewing. "I wanted to re-create what I taste, because there was nothing like that over here," he said.

He's been making beer at home for 7 years, and now he and his brother-in-law are ready to share it with the public. "The possibilities are endless when it comes to making beer and that's what we like about it so much, there's just an unlimited amount of things you can do with it, which is exciting," Allen said.

The brewery has already secured a location in Old Town Reedsport. "We're really optimistic that a business like this can help simulate the downtown and get other businesses, other new businesses, just liven it up a little bit down there," he said.

Allen says they will apply for a brewing license soon, but right now the brewery is in the fundraising stage.

They are selling 'pioneer' pint glasses. "You get to redeem one beer every week, the first year we're open," Allen said.