Consumer Green Dot phasing out MoneyPak PIN Green Dot phasing out MoneyPak PIN (Video)
Using a reloadable debit card to send money is about to get trickier for a lot of people. The makers of one of the most popular money cards is changing the technology - and it has a lot to do with scammers who use the card for fraud.
Consumer Lululemon lovers duped by counterfeit websites Lululemon lovers duped by counterfeit websites(Video)
Investigators with Homeland Security say think twice before going online to buy Lululemon athletic wear. You could be giving your information to an overseas scammer. And the clothes you get will not be Lululemon.
Consumer Take your cat for a walk Take your cat for a walk
You take your dog for a walk. Did you ever think of taking your cat?

If you have a cat with the right personality, it can be fun for both of you – and great exercise, too.
Consumer What's the Nordic diet? What's the Nordic diet?
You've heard about the Mediterranean diet. How about the Nordic diet?

"It appears to be a pretty good diet,” said Dr. John Swartzberg at the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.
Consumer Washington food workers duped by invalid food permits Washington food workers duped by invalid food permits(Video)
If you want a job in a place where food is served - you must to have a valid food handlers card from your local health department. It's a state law. If its not the right card - you cannot work in food service until you retake the test and get a valid certificate. But state investigators say thousands of local workers got duped.
Consumer Tips on tipping while on vacation
If you're like me, you often wonder what's the proper amount. You don’t want to give too much, but you don’t want to offend.
Consumer FTC sues T-Mobile, alleges 'Bogus Charges' FTC sues T-Mobile, alleges 'Bogus Charges'(Video)
The Federal Trade Commission is suing Bellevue- based T-mobile, claiming the cell phone service provider cashed in, by hiding charges on customers bills. The FTC says the company knowingly charged customers for third- party premium services that T-Mobile knew were not authorized.
Consumer Sunny Seat pet bed: Does it work? Sunny Seat pet bed: Does it work?(Video)
Pet lovers are known to spend thousands of dollars keeping their best friends happy. So how about a $20 window seat for cats, that sticks to the window with suction cups?
Consumer Average price of gas is $3.98 in Oregon, $4 in Washington
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - The AAA auto club reports the average price of a gallon of gasoline in Oregon is $3.98.

That's up 2 cents in a week and 9 cents in a month. It's 21 cents higher than a year ago and 30 cents higher than the current national average.
Consumer Payday loan pretender comes clean Payday loan pretender comes clean(Video)
You can always count on the Problem Solvers to warn you about different scams- but this time you're hearing it from one of the scammers. He says he felt guilty after seeing news reports of people losing all their money to the kind of pay day loan scams he was running from India. He agreed to a Skype interview with our sister station in upstate New York.