FDA looks into makeover on nutrition labels

FDA looks into makeover on nutrition labels »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - The nutrition labels on food packaging could be getting a makeover.
Food and Drug Administration officials say they want to revise the labels to give you helpful information and curb obesity.

"It would be nice to not have to go through and go 'gosh, I wish I paid more attention in chemistry,'" said grocery shopper Melissa Mattick

One of the proposed changes has to do with serving size. Consider a small bag of Cheetos: on the servings per container, the label says 3.5, but in reality someone might eat a whole bag in one sitting. The new changes would reflect that.

Things like daily percent values and calories from fat would be removed because the FDA said they haven't been useful to consumers in the past.

"I think that's a thing that should stay personally, because if you look, especially for the fat content or saturated fats, that's important to me," said grocery shopper Joanna Sheppard.

The new labels would have a bigger emphasis on calories and ingredients, which would be represented in large blocks of color above the nutrient listing.
But shoppers are still up in the air at the possible changes.

"I guess it's hard to know for sure without seeing a visual," said Sheppard.

According to the FDA some of the changes could be proposed as soon as the end of this year.