Bandon boasts south coast car charging station

Bandon boasts south coast car charging station »Play Video

BANDON, Ore. -- People who drive electric cars now have a new place to charge up on the south coast.

The first electric car charging station in Bandon is now open.

The solar panels on the roof also help power city hall, and it's designed to teach students about solar energy.

The Bandon city manager says it will bring more people into town. "It does provide the opportunity, we think, for people that are traveling the coast to stop in Bandon, top off their batteries and go have a cup of coffee and go shopping for a little while, have lunch or something, and then head on," said city manager Matt Winkel.

In the two weeks it's been used, officials say almost 600 pounds of greenhouse gases have been avoided, what they say is enough to run a house for one week.

The charging station will be free to use for five years.