Brain scan maker goes public, nets $12M in new investment

Brain scan maker goes public, nets $12M in new investment »Play Video
Made in Eugene: A high-tech hairnet that reads your brain

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EUGENE, Ore. - The product appears in an episode of CSI and on the cover of National Geographic.

Now a company started 20 years ago by a former University of Oregon technology and neuro-science professor plans to hire more people in Eugene with a round of new investment.

Electrical Geodesics Inc. raised $12 million dollars in the London Stock market. | >>> Visit Electrical Geodesics Inc. of Eugene on London Stock market

Their product is called the Geodesic Sensor Net. 

The net consists of 256 electrodes. Each sensor picks up electrical charges given off by your brain and is then transferred as data on a computer. 

The company says the technology is helping researchers study autism and epilepsy.

EGI said they plan to use the $12 million dollars to hire 15 more employees in sales, support, engineering and product development.

EGI said 60 percent of their business is exported to over 40 countries in the world.