Know your dog treats: FDA sees link to illness

Know your dog treats: FDA sees link to illness
Dr. Lisa Poquette examines a patient at the Eugene Veterinary Hospital

EUGENE, Ore. - If your dog or cat got sick after eating jerky treats, you might want to see your veterinarian.

Since 2007, the FDA has received reports involving jerky treats involving 3,600 dogs and 10 cats in the U.S.

About 580 of those pets have died.

In the past two days, the Eugene Veterinary Hospital has received multiple calls from pet owners worried about the treats they're feeding their pets.

Dr. Lisa Poquette said pet owners should get products they are familiar with from the U.S. Dry treats are a safe bet.

Poquette said if a dog or cat is vomiting, suffering tremors or drinking more water than usual, they could be signs the pet is suffering from a jerky related problem.

The FDA says that within hours of eating jerky treats or strips with chicken, duck, sweet potatoes and/or dried fruit, some pets showed decreased appetite or activity, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Most of the jerky treats involved have been made in China. Some pet owners are avoiding all products made in China.

But manufacturers of pet foods arent required by law to identify the country of origin for ingredients.