New Fred Meyer fuel center up and running

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COOS BAY, Ore. -- The new Fred Meyer fueling center is officially open in Coos Bay, but the company says the old building will still live on, kind of.

The company says some old timbers from the former building occupied by the Empire Tire Store have been saved for use in a museum.

The old building was built in 1960.

Now, $2 million later, the new fuel pumps are up and running, officials from Fred Meyer said.

Officials with the gas station say that along with filling empty tanks, they will help fuel the local economy. James Long, the fuel station manager, says it's the largest on the South Coast. "This is the biggest station around, there is no bigger, and we're pretty proud of that," Long said.

The fuel center allows for 18 vehicles to fuel up at the same time.

For customer Ben Hodges, that makes it pretty nice. "I'm from Phoenix originally, and the place I used to go had 20 pumps, so it's kind of nice to see a place with a lot of pumps again," he said.

Having so many pumps creates a need for many employees. "Typically, I will have probably 25 employees," said Long. "25 employees, these are people that didn't have jobs before, and now we've got 25 more that have a job."

Long adds that's 25 paychecks that will ultimately be spent at businesses throughout the South Coast.

The fuel center is officially open for use, but they will be hosting a grand opening that starts on the 27th and runs through the weekend.